The Things They Carried Essay

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Kattie Shull Katherine Minott English 102 August 24, 2012 The Things They Carried The Things They Carried was written by O’Brien and was published in 1986. O’Brien was drafted into the Vietnam War which gives him some knowledge on war and what happens during it. In this short story he wrote about Lieutenant Cross and how he was in love with a women named Martha. He was also the leader of his squad and was always on lookout for the enemy since he was responsible for his men’s lives. Cross is responsible for the death of Lavenders life because he was day dreaming of Martha, not keeping his mind on War and he loved Martha more than he loved his men therefore his only way to keep his mind clear he was to burn the letters that Martha sent. Martha was a college student in New Jersey, an English major. She would send him letters sent pictures of her, in one picture she was standing by a wall, her eyes where grey and neutral as she glanced straight into the camera. In the other picture she was horizontal to the floor trying to hit the volley ball, in her white gym shorts. He would think about her playing volleyball in her white gym shorts, about touching her legs and imagining she was a virgin. His mind would play scripts of them together even though he knew Martha did not love him as he loved her; he still liked the thought of them and could only imagine. She would always sign her letters with Love, even though he knew it was just a form of writing he would pretend that she really meant it. He would hump her letters, pebble that she sent him for a good luck charm and her photos while he marched on with the bitter sweet thought that she was his but with the realization that she may belong to someone else. As his comrades and himself where watching for enemies, Lee Strunk crawled through the tunnel that the enemies made but Lieutenant Cross found

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