The Things They Carried Essay

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Modeling and Demonstrating – Work in Math What I notice in this video was how the teacher generates whole class discussions when modeling and demonstrating the problem. The way she asks questions made students to critically think and analyze the problem. In this video it was very obvious how the math teacher developed students’ mathematical knowledge by asking students what they individually thought. The teacher demonstrated the problems and then she would explain the solution to students. For example, when the teacher models a problem she asked the students to predict what the answer was. After the students gave their prediction she worked out the problem on the elmo. I noticed that the teacher had a chart that was divided into three sections in front of the classroom. The first section had the title of “What did you measure,” here the teacher was going to give the students what to measure. The second column had the title of “Prediction,” here the students as a class would make predictions of the measurement of the object. On the third column, it had the title of, “Actual” in this column the students and the teacher would measure the object and write down the exact measurement. Modeling and demonstrating how to solve problems is one of the most important techniques in a classroom environment. The teachers modeling and demonstrating is crucial for students so that they can be able to successfully learn the lectures. By modeling and demonstrating math work or any other content area, it facilitates work from the teacher and the students. I strongly agree that once the teacher models and demonstrates the students will know how to solve problems a lot faster. However, many students have difficulty solving math problems because they often can’t decide what to do. To understand the problem, students need to be able to represent the problem; this is where

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