The Thing (Descriptive Essay)

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The Thing People often overlook the details of an object. Sometimes it is important to look deeper to completely understand something. It is easier to notice the details of an object that you have never seen before. “The Thing” is a very interesting object. It makes you wonder about the meaning behind it, and what kind of person would make it. The sculpture appears to be a person sitting on a toilet reading a news paper. The person is probably female because it has breasts and long hair. She is a bit manly. Reading while on the toilet is not normal for women. She is also wearing a welding mask, meaning that she is a welder. Welding is not usually a job that women go into. Since the sculpture is of a women acting manly, it could represent feminists. The sculpture could be showing that women can be equal to men in their actions. Women can do things that men do, like reading on the toilet. They can also have the same jobs as men, like wielding. The sculpture is made up of metal parts. On her head, which is made from a nut, she wears a welding mask with glasses below it. Nuts are usually used to fasten things together. The glasses are resting on her he nose, which is made with a spark plug. The eyes of the stature are gold and appear to be fishing weights. She has long braided hair made out of barb wire and earrings made from chain. The body is made with a long spring and the butt part is made out of nuts, like the head, but larger. Her hand and legs are made out of bent metal. Connected to the arms she has breasts that are made of fishing weights. She is holding a newspaper made of a flat piece of metal that was bent to drape over the arms. She has underwear around her knees that are made of barb wire. The toilet that she is sitting on is made out of a corner pipe and the lid of the toilet looks like a wrench. Next to the toilet there is a toilet paper holder.

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