The Theology of Missions

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LIBERTY UNIVERSITY THE THEOLGY OF MISSIONS A RESEARCH PAPER SUBMITTED TO DR. H. EDWARD PRUITT GLST 500 GLOBAL STUDIES SURVEY BY SHAWN HUNT CLARKSVILLE, TN July 13, 2014 TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction 2 Old and New Testament Verses that Support the Theology of Missions 2 Nature of God as Related to Missions 4 4 Theology of Missions and Other Aspects of Theology 5 5 Key Themes of the Theology of Missions 6 6 Missionaries, Church Leaders, Lay People and Theology of Missions 7 7 Conclusion 8 88 Introduction The theology of missions is one of many aspect of the overall study of scriptures. Missions are one of if not the most important task that the church has been tasked with accomplishing. Because of the importance of missions and mission theology it must be ensured that there is a firm foundation for it to rest. ” Mission passion fueled by the power of the Holy Spirit is the locomotive pulling the train of Christian mission. Theology of mission, however, provides the rails upon which the train should ride.” These rails can be seen in other areas of Biblical study and areas of Christian life. The purpose of this paper is to show how theology of missions is enhanced and solidified by Old and New Testament scriptures, the Nature of God, other aspects of Christian theology and the people who support missions. Old and New Testament Verses that Support Missions Theology When we look to understand the theology of mission as it pertains to scripture, Old Testament and New Testament verses can be found throughout the Bible. The prevailing habit is to look in the New Testament to find scripture that will help Christians explain missions to people who do not know or understand what the word missions means in a Biblical sense. But there is a strong argument in saying that without the Old Testament scripture
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