The Theme of Redemption Is the Focal Point in on the Waterfront

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On the Waterfront, produced by Ellia Kazan, 1954, tells the story of Terry Malloy (Marlon Brando) and his struggle for redemption. For most of his life, crime boss Jonny Friendly, has controlled Terry. His impeccable loyalty to his older brother and to Jonny Friendly was doubted and questioned after being an unknowing accomplice in the murder of Joey Doyle (Ben Steiger), carried out by Friendly’s henchmen. With the support of Edie Doyle (Eva Marie Saint), the victim’s sister, Terry is made to see the world of the waterfront with fresh eyes, realizes that he has lost all human dignity by being a part of the murder and learns to accept personal responsibility for his past inaction and complicity. Thus, portraying his actions, in the latter part of the movie, as actions fuelled by redemption. Furthermore, making the theme of redemption in On the Waterfront the most dominant theme in the film. As the film begins, simpleminded Terry Malloy, who is a dockworker whose brother Charley is Friendly‘s lawyer, is used to set up a popular dockworker, Joey Doyle (Ben Wagner), out to an ambush, preventing him from testifying against Friendly before the Crime Commission. However, Terry Malloy was only to set up Joey Doyle, so they could “talk to him, Try to get him to dummy up”. Terry Malloy gravely resents being so used in the murder but is still willing to remain D&D (Deaf and Dumb). Some years earlier, Terry had been a promising boxer until Friendly had Charley instruct him to deliberately lose a fight that he could have won, so that Friendly could win money betting on the weaker opponent. However Terry Malloy still finds the justification to work for Jonny Friendly. The theme of redemption is greatly evident in the first few scenes in the film. His action in setting up Joey Doyle is the first step towards Terry Malloy’s road of redemption, as he is left with confusion and

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