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The Theme of Lying in the Crucible Throughout this play Arthur Miller has kept a consist theme of lying and deceit. By doing this we are shown a society that of that their time was very religious (Christian-Puritan). However, almost every character, commits a sin by lying. In this play we are shown how one lie can escalate and lead to life threatening consequences. Abigail Williams is a perfect example of a liar in Salem. The crucible displays how people accused others of witch craft just because they didn’t like them and not based on whether they were witch or not. We can witness this action by Abigail repeatedly. However, she does not only lie when accusing people but she lies to protect her own name, and she does so, so convincingly. ‘’She sends her spirit on me in church; she makes me laugh at prayer!’’ this is a quotation from Act 1 just after Reverend Hale’s arrival. In this section of the play Miller has made me as a reader slightly undeceive, as to whether Abigail is completely committing herself to this lie so that it seems as believable as possible,…show more content…
I danced for the Devil; I saw him; I wrote in his book…I saw Sarah Good with the Devil!’’ Hysteria is another theme shown in this play from time to time and this is an example of one of the times Miller has conveyed this emotion. Tituba and Abigail started this hysteria as they were the first to start listing names of people the supposedly saw with Devil. Now we as an audience do not know whether Abigail and the girls are telling the truth but from their previous actions, it is implied that they are lying. Abigail Williams was not the only character who demonstrated the theme of lying throughout this play. Mary Warren also made her fair share of lying. To begin with Mary was not a major character till Act 2, where she was convince by John Proctor to go back to the court and tell Danforth that she and the other girls never saw spirits, that it were all

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