The Theme of Innocence in "Perfume: Story of a Murder"

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HL English 1/8/2014 Perfume: Quest for Innocence The roles of minor characters are gravely important to the development of a story. Their character, their actions and what they symbolize lead the protagonist to different points of the beginning and or to the conclusion of their quests. This is clearly shown in Perfume by Patrick Suskind, as the protagonist Jean-Baptiste Grenouille is led on a search for his lost in; the minor characters aid him in awakening this subconscious desire to retrieve what he lost as a child. Again, what did he lose as a child? I think you have the book slightly wrong because he was never “innocent” and by no means was caught in a situation in where it was ever taken away from him. Take that part out as well. In Perfume there are two main minor characters that play major roles in Grenouille’s development as he quests searches for innocence I think you need to either re-read the book or go through a proper analysis of the book, because you keep saying that Grenouille is on a quest for innocence, when in reality he just has a strong hatred for people and wanted to live in isolation. This also leads to him rekindling his mission to create the most beautiful perfume with the scent of Riccis daughter; fore one catalyzes his journey whilst the other brings it to a conclusion. As an infant, Grenouille was born into the harsh world that tried and tried to exterminate exterminate is a very harsh word for this context, you may want to try something a little lighter him. From the start, this protagonist Grenouille was layered in negativity and absolute disdain from the majority of people in his life. Never was he shown the love or as the innocent child he should have been portrayed as and that leaves the hole that Grenouille desires to fill. You can mention that he was never given the affection that most children receive, but again, “innocence”

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