The Theme Of Fear In ”The Road” Essay

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The theme of fear in ”The Road” It is said that fear is the strongest motivator in the world. People in fear are willing to whatever, go beyond any border and forget all rules. Fear can easily take over our mind and control our every move. But how much does it take to push a person beyond his limits? What kind of a fear can make us forget everything about humanity and morals? These questions are one of the main themes in Cormac McCarthy’s novel ”The Road” We are all afraid of different things. Some are afraid to lose their family and friends others on the other hand their money and possessions. Cormac McCarthy’s great novel ”The Road” tells us a story of a post-apocalyptic world where everything is destroyed and life is almost extinct. There are left only handful people, who are willing to do everything to survive. But some of them are willing to go further than the others. Fear influences every person differently. But how can some of us still maintain our moral values even though we might be scared to death? In ”The Road” the main characters, the man and the boy represent a group of people who does not let the fear control their minds. The man is constantly afraid of his son getting killed or starving to death. The boy is worried about his father and about being left alone in this terrible world if his father should die. Evert single day they live in fear. They can never be sure whether they find food, whether they will survive the cold nights in the woods, or whether they are going to be eaten by other people. But despite all that, the man and the boy maintain their humanity. The world around them is nothing like humane- people have turned into cannibals, nature has died and the sunlight cannot be seen through the thick dust. It takes a strong will to stay true to your morals and values where basically everything representing these has gone. ”The Road” gives

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