The Theme of Fatherhood

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The Theme of Fatherhood In the play Fences by August Wilson, Troy Maxson is the most influential character. Troy has been trying to be a good father, but, Troy and his son, Cory argue in most part of the play. Sometimes Troy gets mad and angry at Cory because he worries about Cory’s future. Troy wants Cory to get a job instead of playing football and pursing a college scholarship. But he doesn’t want Cory to be a garbage collector like him. Troy doesn’t think love and warmth are needed between father and son. He knows his duty and he doesn’t want to hurt anybody, but he has limitation as a father. Troy thinks that Cory will be in nowhere if he just plays football. When Troy was young, he was not allowed to play the basketball in Major Leagues because he was an African American man, even though he was a great baseball player. At that time the whites got the upper hand in everything. It affected him a lot psychologically. He felt that blacks would never get the chances that the whites enjoy. However, his son is living in an age in which many things are beginning to change favorably for the blacks. For instance, blacks are also chosen to play in major leagues. Cory wants a college scholarship. The father does not want to see his son experience the pain and disappointment he had. Troy quotes “The white man ain’t gonna let you get nowhere with that football noway.” Instead, Troy wants Cory to go to school and learn to repair cars or build houses as his career. He quotes “You go on and get your book learnings so you can work yourself up in that A&P or learn how to fix cars or build houses or something can’t nobody take away from you. You go on and learn how to put your hands to some good use. Besides hauling people’s garbage.” But he is not allowing Cory to have an opportunity for higher education. On the other hand, he worries that his son’s life might

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