The Theme Of Contrast In Kate ChopinS Ripe Figs

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“The Theme of Contrast in Kate Chopin’s ’Ripe Figs’” This essay will discuss the main contrasts in Kate Chopin’s short story. I will do this using the following areas: age versus youth; patience versus impatience; experience versus innocence; staidness versus exuberance. In this paragraph, I will contrast age versus youth. In “Ripe Figs”, the central characters are at the opposite end of the spectrum age-wise. Babette is depicted as an energetic girl who likes to sing and dance. One gets a sense of her youthful energy when reading a sentence about Babette. One good example is this statement from the passage; “Every day Babette danced out to where the fig-trees…” (Chopin 3) Maman-Nainaine on the other hand is depicted as a calm and proper woman. One does not feel the same youthful energy like Babette has. Instead one gets the sense their reading about someone who’s older and wiser. Maman-Nainaine also has a distinct and old fashioned way of remembering important dates as shown in this statement; “Maman-Nainaine said that when the figs were ripe Babette might go to visit her cousins” (Chopin 3) Next, I will contrast patience versus youth. The younger character Babette is depicted as very restless. In this quote, “It seemed to Babette a very long time to wait…” (Chopin p.3) Babette feels that waiting for the figs to ripen to go visit her cousins is too long of a wait. Eventually the figs do ripen. But for Babette, it felt like the figs took long to ripen. Maman-Nainaine however, is quite the opposite. She is described to be “as patient as the statue of la Madone…” (Chopin 3) Waiting doesn’t seem problem for her at all. For Maman-Nainaine, it felt that the figs had actually ripened early. Next, I will contrast innocence versus experience. As one reads about Babette, one feels the innocence radiating from her. She seems not to have a care in world. She definitely

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