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Narritive Writing: The Test There I was, sitting inside that gigantic hall, staring at an ant until it crawled from one side of the desk to the other. I stared silently at the empty, ridged desk as my senses became more aware of my surroundings. Footsteps bounced from wall to wall of that gigantic hall. Bodies glided from aisle to aisle, up and down, left and right, delivering that blank, life-changing paper. As the desk became the landing field of the paper, the whiteness of the front page blinded my vision. Events from, what could have been my revision days, embroidered on my mind;sensation of sitting on that cold, black, leather sofa. TV on, phone in my hand, whilst trying to listen at the confrontation starting in “The Jeremy Kyle Show” programme. Files of notebooks, information sheets, blank lined paper and an unopened pack of highlighters fights to get my attention. A voice interrupted me from the middle of sending a text message. “At least open that pack of highlighters that you begged for me to buy and put some colours on those dull looking papers!” My mother shouted as she entered the room with that agitating tone of voice which acted as an activation to an invisible glue that kept me more stuck to my position. “I will, just asking Jane about the dates for the exam.” I procrastinated once again. That has been my reply to every question anyone tries to ask me. All my friends have been busy lately. They would reply to my text saying; “Sorry Angela, can't reply to you properly, I'm revising right now. Sorry.” The day before the exam, reality slapped me across the face. I realised something, whilst I sat on, once again, black, cold, leather sofa. My mind became a pool of questions and doubts. What will actually happen if I fail that exam? Will I be able to achieve the dream that I longed to achieve? Would I be able to get

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