The Tesoro Refinery Explosion

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The Tesoro Refinery Explosion Could Have Been Prevented Abstract This paper takes a look at several different sources to determine whether the Tesoro Corporation’s oil refinery explosion in Anacortes, WA, on April 02, 2010, could have been prevented and the prevention methods that could have helped them. A mixture of news articles and local TV news interviews and investigation reports from the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries were examined and measured against the industry’s “Three E’s Model” and The Reasons Model or commonly known as “The Swiss Cheese Model”. In every violation cited by the lead investigator Christian Bannick from the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries, it is able to be seen that if proper application of both of these industry models could have prevented the explosion and the subsequent 7 deaths that it caused. These deaths, the misery that it has caused for both family, the community, and the massive fines levied seem like a pretty high price to pay for the lessons that the Tesoro Corporation, hopefully, has learned. The Tesoro Refinery Explosion Could Have Been Prevented On April 02, 2010 The Tesoro Refinery in Anacortes, Washington had an explosion that ultimately killed seven employees. These 7 lives could have been saved if just a few safety regulations would have been followed and enforced. In the following paragraphs I am going to show you how this company failed in their safety program. First, I will discuss how Tesoro could have prevented this accident by using Enforcement, Education, and Engineering “The Three E’s Model”. Second I will discuss how the Reasons Model could have given some warning signs leading up to the accident if the company’s safety team would have utilized it. The Reason’s Model is often considered the Swiss Cheese Model.

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