The Terrorist Watch List Database

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The Terrorist Watch List Database Shannon Tolbert Dirk E. Stevens PH.D. Managing Information System BU331-8 July 29, 2012 This case talks about how the watch-list database has some flaws. There are many different databases that show people that are on the watch-list. The problems with the watch-list are that people are being put on that are not terrorist or have terrorist ties. People that are being put on names are misspelled. People are being stopped by the TSA because they might be a match of someone on the watch-list. There are many things that need to be looked at to make the watch-lists better and more accurate. There are many concepts in chapter 5 that are illustrated in this case. The first concept is data management and the systems to manage the data. Another thing is the problems with traditional file format and the problems with redundancy and consistency. The last two concepts are file organization and ensuring data quality. There are many instances in this case that shows that there are many problems with the database with quality and filing. There were many reasons why the consolidated terror watch-list was created. The main reason it was created was to help the government and other agencies slow down the time of processing people’s names in the computer. Data governance that would help the organization manage the availability, usability, integrity, and security of the data seems to be missing. It would help increase the security, data quality privacy, and compliance with government regulation. The FBI Terrorist Screening Center was established to standardize and organize information about suspected terrorist between multiple government agencies into a single list to enhance communication between agencies. A database of suspected terrorists known as the terrorist watch list was born from these efforts in 2003 in

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