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THE TERMINAL: GROUP DYNAMICS Joshua Allison Union College Author’s Note This paper was prepared for SOCI 105 taught by Jodi Gabel The dynamics of how humans form alliances and associations has been a curiosity for many years. Perhaps, we create groups to fill a need to belong; or, the reason could revolve around a desire or organization and order. The motives may vary; but when shown the flaws of group forming and responses to an out-group there is nothing left besides a sadly true comedy. The Terminal precisely fits this all too common script as the main character, Viktor Navorski, tries to navigate the poorly formed social conventions as an outsider. Viktor’s journey from “out-group” to the “in-group” takes many turns through his efforts to reach New York City; yet, the sociological concepts are front and center in this splendid cinema production As the movie begins with all sorts of travelers passing through a major terminal in New York City, Viktor Navorski is one man in a secondary group of individuals who are each trying to leave the airport. Thus, after he is detained by Mr. Dixon, Navorski is still a part of the out group due to how powerful Mr. Dixon felt himself to be. Throughout the entirety of The Terminal, the opposition is always present from Mr. Dixon even after several attempts by Viktor for resolution and peace. However, it was not only Mr. Dixon who was hostile to Navorski when he first arrived as an outsider and stranger. The airport employees also did not immediately allow Viktor to join their primary group of friends. The older man who mopped and picked up trash feared Navorski was trying to steal his job. Another example of exclusion was the scene showing Viktor trying to watch the news clip of his country in a private lounge; but, he was quickly ushered out because rules said he did not belong there. Navorski had to work

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