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The term paper English/Literature has always been my weakness. Ms. Dixon was my British literature teacher. She was about 5’4, brown skinned, with brown hair, beautiful brown eyes, a little country accent along with an amazing personality. Ms. Dixon loved to have fun with us but she was also hard working and motivated to get things done without any hesitation. There was definitely a goal to be made in her class that others and I thought we could never reach. When times got hard, our senior class came together and helped one another out so we could all succeed. March 1st, 2012 is the day that I walked into Ms. Dixon’s classroom. As I walked to my seat I see Ms. Dixon separating stacks of paper. When everyone got seated she says, “You’re being assigned a 6 page research paper, you have a month to work on it. This will count as 3 test grades, no late work will be accepted.” I had so many thoughts running through my head. I started thinking negative saying, “I’m not going to graduate because of this paper.” I ask myself why teachers choose to give us these big assignments towards the end of the year; they must want us to fail. I’m not the best student in literature so writing this term paper was going to be quite a challenge for me. The term paper included 30 notecards where we took little notes and wrote down our sources, a title page with our name and title, an outline that gave an overview of the paper itself, the works cited page which was very important and a presentation telling the class about the paper. Our topic was “How did British Literature Evolve Overtime?” It was a very interesting topic I had my thoughts ready and I knew exactly what I wanted to write about my only problem was putting those thoughts down on paper. I was stressing big time. Although I was nervous, went to Ms. Dixon for help on starting my paper. She had her ways of building people’s

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