The Temptation of Jesus Is the Most Important?

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29th September 2012 “The temptation of Jesus is the most important story for Christians in marks gospel” Some people may agree with the statement. Firstly during lent Christians can reflect on this story for support and faith whether it be giving something up or not doing something they are used to like Jesus gave up his old life to take his messianic status. Secondly, the message of the story is to trust God in times of hardness and persecution this story shows Jesus trusting God and overcoming Satan (temptation). Thirdly, it proves Jesus stayed aware of Gods support so even when we doubt god is there and our temptations are really strong we should believe in our faith and believe in god this story shows great significance as we use these skills every day to overcome temptation . However some people may disagree with the statement as firstly, there are many other stories in this gospel which show many other important teachings and messages as this one for example the calming of the storm which teaches us that although you may think god is not present or awake he is always with you and whether you live or die you will ultimately be safe with god if you have faith, also the calming of the storm is yet another story which portrays Jesus has power and authority over nature. Secondly there may be more appropriate gospels for others besides that one such as when Christ died for our temptations and sins which proves we are tempted to do things we shouldn’t. Thirdly every story in the gospel has a teaching to it and nobody should follow one more than another as they are all very significant to Christians. , I agree with the statement as Jesus was showing authority over Satan this shows Christians that if we have faith we can overcome temptation as Satan represents temptation in this
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