The Tempest Dbq Analysis

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US History In-Class DBQ #1: English Colonies, North and South Historical Context: The sixteenth-century English intellect had plenty of fare for imaginative rumination. Sir Thomas More’s Utopia, translated into English in 1551, beckoned with its perfect society in Paradise, a small island somewhere in the New World. Richard Hakluyt interviewed many of the sailors and adventurers to those new lands and his edited travelogues of the 1580’s sparked expectations of wealth and plunder beyond anyone’s dreams. Even William Shakespeare contributed to this romantic geography with the captivating beauty of Prospero’s island in The Tempest. The fantasy of far-away visions had a particular appeal to the residents of a troubled, turbulent England.…show more content…
(Primary or secondary and WHAT is it?) _________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ What is the bias of the author, as it relates to this essay question? What might account for this bias? __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ What was life like for the first settlers of Jamestown? ______________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ What type of society does Smith describe? _______________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ What might account for the development of this society? ____________________________________________
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