The Tempest Chapter 1 Summary

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1. they describe earth as flat, and surrounded by ocean, there are other islands and countries in the centrual of earth, according to book "took the first ship they saw for a walking island, the mast to be a tree, the sail white clouds, and the discharging of ordnance for lightning and thunder" his dream is about the arrival of the English in America, "tempest" was first appear in london in 1611. different type of people showed on their island. "it was first performed after the English invasion of ireland but before the colonization of new England after John smith's arrival in Virginia but bebefore the beginning of the tobacco economy..."(P28) 2 "Irish were viewed as a people living outside of "civilization". they has tribal organizations, and their practice of herding seemed normadic"(p29) the english colonizers established a two-tiered social structure, the irish also became targets of english violence, the invaders took the head of the slain irish as trophies.after four years of bloody warfare in munster, the irish had been reduce to wretchedness. 3 the first English colonizers in the new World found that the Indians reminded them of the Irish,England's future was in America,proclainmed Hakluyt as he urged the English to " conquer a country" and "to man it, to plant it, and to keep it"…show more content…
In virginia, the initial encounters between the English and the Indians opened possibilities for friendship and interdependency. A year later, several hundred more settlers arrived, and again they quickly ran out of provisions. after the Hostilities broke out, Indian people begin to think if two peoples could peacefully live together in a same area. in 1622, the natives tried to drive out the intreuders, killing some three hundred 1623 William tucker led his soldiers to a village and this sooner become a war. the goal of the war was to "root out the indians" from being any longer a
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