The Tell Tale Heart Essay

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Casey Clark 1 Dr.Bowers English 011 11/27/13 Interpretive Explanation I chose to write a sequel to Edgar Allen Poes “The Tell-Tale Heart”. I chose this short story because it was by far one of my favorites out of all of the stories we read. I started my short story by picking up exactly where Edgars left off. This story was very easy for me to interoperate and understand and from the first time I read it I imagined there being more to the story. My story took place right where Poes left off , from the moment I started writing I made the main character who was the narrator continue to act as if he was still Crazy. I took an idea I had from the first time I read it and ran with it. When I was finished reading the original my mind blossomed with ideas and it was easy for me to make the story a little longer. I had the story take place in the old man’s house and I started with the cops arresting the mad man for the murder of his friend. I thought it would be cool to start the story as writing as the narrator and gradually throughout shift the tone to someone from the outside looking in. I tried to also make sure that the narrator (mad man) stayed making crazy comments through my episode. In my story he made a remark to the officers about “how sane he was and how he was just trying to rid the world of evil.” I also had him tell the cops he was so careful that he “checked for blood over forty times and that they would never find a drop.” 2 The three main points that that I would like to note from episode are

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