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Charles Roetz Professor Chrapliwy English 102 February 26, 2013 The Tell Tale Heart The Tell Tale Heart by Edgar Allan Poe is a story about what I assume to be a kid who kills his father because he did not like the way his pale blue eye looked. This story would be classified under horror because it deals with murder and decapitation. There are many elements that contribute to the story such as, the setting, plot, and characters. All of these will be looked into in depth in the following paragraphs. Tell Tale Heart takes place, in what I would assume, to be the early 1900‘s in the main characters home. I would say that the home is dark and desolate because it all the information we are given is about what he was planning to do to the old man at night. There is not much said about the weather but I would say that it took place in the winter time when nobody was around and there was not much going on surrounding the home. There was a very dark, erie mood portrayed with the dialogue that was used as well as the characters mannerisms. I would say that the setting is a window into a particular time period because of the dialogue. Some of the words that were used are just not common in the english language that we are used to today. The main character is also the narrator, which puts this story in first person. I think that the story being in fist person really helps contribute to the setting because you feel as if he, or she, is telling you the story. The setting of the story also helps give us a better understanding of the main character. The main character, who we do not know the name of, can simply be described in a few quick terms; heartless, short tempered, and crazy. I would say that he is short tempered because he was set off simply because of the way the old mans eye looked, making him want to kill this person. It was described as a pale blue eye, with a

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