The Television Age - Motivational Person or Show - Biggest Loser Essay

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“The Biggest Loser” Shalen Gill Essay # 3 The obesity rates in North America of adults as well as children are among the highest in the world. North Americans tend to forgo nutrition for convenience. (Leigh, 2011) So why not produce a reality show that people can sit on the couch and watch. “The Biggest Loser” is a reality show that was introduced by NBC and first aired on NBC in 2004. (Wikipedia) “The Biggest Loser” has influenced many seasons and adaptations of the show across the world; it has inspired video games, cookbooks, music compilation CD’s of workout songs, work out videos and even new studies based on viewers of this type of reality show. “The Biggest Loser franchise has morphed into a lifestyle brand that includes books, DVDs, video games and even protein powder.” (Vogel 2009) The show may seem beneficial at first sight and it may cause some people to make a positive change in themselves but overall, I have read multiple studies, and articles, watched videos and even purchased and played the video game and my opinion is that this show is influential but not always in a positive way and the values and ideology that are represented are shallow in nature and portray unrealistic goals and negative representations of people struggling with obesity and worst of all, the show is not really about the health and well-being of the contestants but about entertainment value. In the beginning “The Biggest Loser” seemed to have a positive impact on the contestants and the audience. To date “The Biggest Loser” has influenced approximately 25 other countries to make their own adaptation of the show. Reality TV shows can be seen as a socialization tool and people tend to gravitate towards what other people are doing so it makes sense that this show and other types of weight loss shows would encourage viewers to jump on board the weight loss train. What

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