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The Technology Essay

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Juan Adrian Ccopa Macavilca
The technology
The technology each passing day these units get older , some people think there will come a time when this dependence is so broad that between science , technology, and society there is a close relationship. And this could be considered today as indestructible, that is, in our time society is so linked that it is impossible to separate them. Not impossible to separate both , but that would be very difficult to separate. In our time all depends on science and technology, in a way, today we can realize that in a sense we are driven by technology. Each time a new technological invention is created here we are , let us lead by technology. Humanity began creating technology and yet every day we are more slaves in the same. That means that technology does not give any stop, because as it evolves something, it is the solution to society. Technology gives us happiness; we solved many problems, but also often brings these new difficult problems. One of the largest and oldest problems has brought the technology is pollution, which has today become a global problem. And there are serious problems that affect humans, and that science has not been able to find him yet solution.
Technology according to the dictionary: . “It’s the set of techniques, scientifically organized, which allow you to design and create goods and services that facilitate adaptation to the environment and the satisfaction of basic needs and the wishes of the people," There are people not using technology influences present social progress and technological means by which to communicate with any part of the world, there is also an economic development and trade. This makes humanity wishes to become a need for this, instead of biological needs, causing irrational use and environmental pollution . No one can deny at this point that new technologies are increasingly influencing our daily lives . But technology is not always...

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