The Technological Aspect of Sound Essay

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Technological aspect In the technological aspect of my project I decided to find some information on recording studios and equipment which work by means of modern technology. The equipment studied is microphone and synthesizer. Hopefully you would find this piece of information interesting. Recording Studio * What is a recording studio ? A recording studio is a place where means of recording and mixing of music are possible. A recording studio has to be built in a way that certain properties are a must to be present. For example, ideally a recording studio will be divided in two main rooms: the control room, which has the equipment for recording and editing of sound and the studio where the performance of instruments and vocalists perform. It is also very important that a studio is built in a way that sound diffusion, low level of sound reflections and adequate reverberation take place. That is why there are people called acousticians that are specialized in the building of a recording studio, to make sure that all the necessary properties are installed. There are many different ways of how one uses a studio. In the sense that one may record a band, a full orchestra, music for television shows or even commercials. The common equipment that is found in a recording studios are microphones, monitors, mixing console, keyboards, multi-track recorder, digital audio workstation, compressors and equalizers. Information about some studio equipment: * Microphone – how does it work? A microphone works by converting sound into electrical voltage signals. A microphone consists of a diaphragm which vibrates when the sound reaches it. Attached to the diaphragm, there is a stationary magnet called the coil. When the diaphragm vibrates, it moves the coil and generates an electric signal in the coil which is the same as the sound that created it.
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