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The Tea Party: the Second Wave of the Right Essay

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The origin of the Tea Party political party is debatable; however, no one will argue that the Tea Party burst onto the scene before the 2008 election and took the nation’s media and attention by storm. The name of the organization is highly transparent, taken from the Boston Tea Party movement who objected taxation without representation by the British Government. In the years after World War I, the farmers of America embraced the movement of the original Boston Tea Party. In 1933, farmers with the same ideology organized against the Hoover administration to rally against the government in order to gain assistance in stopping the drop of crop prices and foreclosures on farms. “The farm strike didn’t do much to raise farm prices…instead it was just one dreadful note…that eventually brought the New Deal” (Frank 24). This included mortgage remediation and socialization of insurance. Although the purpose of the strike was met, the farmers were left portrayed as the losers in the equation and never shed the perception of economic inability and social inequality their plight bestowed upon them. It seems as if the new Tea Party movement may experience the same dismal descent into irrelevancy. Current members claim that the government in power is not a government they support, and that the actions and spending undertaken by that government are not warranted or sanctioned by the American people, as were the claims of the farmers in the 1930s. Author Thomas Frank, in his book “Pity the Billionaire”, puts the current Tea Party movement under the microscope to analyze how and why they were created, how they are often the unknowing face of the Republican Party, and how the financial crisis of the early 21st century spawned the faux third party of American politics.
Thoman Frank says of the Tea Party’s hopes “that such “losers” might escape their predicament— that government might step in and do the things those Iowa farmers wanted it to do eighty years ago” (Frank 25). The...

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