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The Child's Tale by miguel nillas Prologue: Juan was only 16 and fully understood the world around him he saw it's unjust and how its lights always seemed dim. Honest, he was not, in the living he took it was not an education he prepared but drugs that he cooked. Rarely attending school, but always on the streets he made money through the exchange between addicts in their meets Yet his jeans and his clothes were second hand, torn and poorly sewed because he spent all his money for his little sister at home Juan newhis life was unfair and the world didn't care about his tears but he knew he wanted to make his sister fair, in her last three years. Juan's tale Juan's baggy jeans ruffled as he was escorted into the cell. He joined 3 other occupants who looked worse for wear, even compared to his battered and bloodied face. All three seemed to be engaged into one another and their stories' of their reason for the reason behind their recent incarceration. They only broke their attention to look at their new companion that would be sharing their cell for the rest of the night. Instinctively Juan ignored their stares and walked through the groups camp fire like circle with his eyes forward. He sat in the only empty spot, next to the middle aged man wearing a suit, the whole time being stared at by the other 3. He bent his body in the opposite direction, and leaned his head on the wall of the cell. HE almost jumped when one of the other 3 called out to him, breaking the silence, "And what's your name?" the man with a ripped tank top said to him. His voice was soft and warmly open, much to Juan's disgust. His eyes were as soft as his voice and incredibly contrasted to his ripped and ragged attire. The other two stared at Juan with their own softened expressions, now that someone had broken the silence, waiting for his response. Juan was about to respond

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