The Taiping Rebellion

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What if foreign armies had decided not to involve themselves in the Taiping Rebellion? The Taiping Rebellion was a huge rebel group organized mainly by Hong Xiuquan that was initiated to rebel against the Qing dynasty Chinese government. This rebellion was the largest peasant revolt in Chinese history (BGE). It began in the province of Guangxi and was led by millenarian Christian leader Hong Xiuquan (Taiping Rebellion). After several victories and captures of cities by the Taipings the Chinese government eventually got tired of it and sent out for help from the west. They contracted a man named Frederick Townsend Ward and another named Henry Andreas Burgevine to form a mercenary force of people to assist the Chinese government force (FTW). With the help from the west, the Chinese government was able to stop the Taiping Rebellion. But what if the west hadn’t of helped? If the west hadn’t of helped I think that the Taiping Rebellion would have continued to take over provinces and eventually the Chinese government. One reason why I think that the Taipings would have succeeded is because of their leader Hong Xiuquan. Hong Xiuquan was able to organize a society to follow him in his beliefs and initiate the Taiping Rebellion (Hong Xiuquan). Also he was very disciplining and subject to careful drill and strict command when it came to the military (Hong Xiuquan). This led to his many military victories. Another reason I think that the Taipings would have succeeded is because of their numbers. In the Taiping Rebellion Hong had forces that numbered some 30,000 men and women and an extra 10,000 in his military (Taiping Rebellion). Using these numbers he would have outnumbered many other forces and also he would have been able to expand faster. Lastly, I think they would have continued to succeed because if foreign armies hadn’t of helped the Chinese
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