The System Development Life Cycle Essay

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The System Development Life Cycle Charlena Adams XACC/210 8/9/2015 Jerry Eskew University of Phoenix The System Development Life Cycle When determining the requirements needed for an accounting information system we first start with what system would work best for the type of company that is looking for an accounting information system. For example you would not buy an accounting system that suits to run a restaurant for a small real estate business. Some retailers of accounting information systems aim at one specific occupation. Narrowing down the companies who can provide the information that is needed for the accounting information system would be in my opinion the first step. Some systems are customized to fit an organization. According to Randolph Jackson who wrote in article in the Journal of Accountancy believes establishing a technology advisory committee (TAC), analysis of data, pricing and proposal request are the requirements needed for an accounting information system. I do agree with him but I also would say there is more to it than just that. Receiving an analysis from all department managers and identifying the specific needs of the organization is crucial. You want to know exactly what is needed in the system. Preparing various processes that the system would need and make sure each manager has it done. Data elements are required for font sizes, sources. While data structure is need to indicate the data that needs to be organized into writing reports that would be viable in the new system. Systems inputs and a copy of the contents and those responsible for things getting done, copies of the systems output and their purpose and distribution, documentation of how the new system and subsystems will operate to read each other, constraints for regulatory requirement and staffing limitations, controls are needed to reduce the
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