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The issues in these articles are of the same topic. It revolves around a 12 year old boy, Chazz Petrella and the events leading up to his suicide. These articles talk about Chazz's medical condition, his obscure behaviour and the many services he encountered before he took his own life away on August 21st 2014. His mother, Petrella-Ashby, is stunned by what happened to her son, and does not understand how this health system could have let something like this to happen. She is calling out for help, and is looking for answers. This story relates to many of the ideas of John McKnight. I will discuss the underlying professional problem, and how the mother is revolting against those who diagnosed her son. As well as the use of mystification and foresting of services as an act of professional control, and the importance of community, funding and public policies. There are three basic causes for the revolt against the professional "problem definers", these are the: inefficiency argument, arrogance argument, and iatrogenic argument (McKnight p.20). We see the mother embodying these factors. Inefficiency: Doctors are doing less with more, they consume much of the funding but providing little help that yields positive results (McKnight p.20). They referred Chazz to many different treatment centres, but none had any significant effect on him. Arrogance: the client is looked as a patient, not a human being, doctors don't care about them (McKnight p.20). The doctors in this situation diagnosed Chazz but did not care for any follow up to see how his progress was, which according to the article was not getting better. Iatrogenic: aggressive behaviour as a result, temper tantrums, screaming, yelling, stealing, self-inflicted pain. The mother has recognized all these signs, and is why she is trying to redefine the problem, and wants an inquest into the events leading up to her

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