The Sychology Essay

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I decided to do my research paper on how is it possible to hit a 100 mph fastball without being able to see it for more than a split second, how do you break the fear of the baseball and, how to regain lost focus while they are hitting and pitching, “Baseball is 90 percent mental; the other half is physical.” Long time ago, as Yogi Berra who was a famous baseball player said this. It is no doubt that major league baseball player have skills to their physical abilities and it is obvious that they are better than any of us, but these abilities don’t come from their above-average physical ability. The year of 2002, Arizona State’s Gob Gray who has invented “virtual hitting stimulation” which is a strategy (practice) for baseball batters to be successful in hitting close to hundred miles per hour. This video game is described as “purposefully simplified”, and it helps you to make contact with the ball by having two different speeds of pitches thrown randomly: slow (75mph) or fast 85(mph). According to Gob, In a game, you will be comfortable knowing pitches such as off-pitch (changeup, curveball, and etc.) because you have practiced hitting each of those pitches several times in during your career and also rotation of the ball and arm speed help you make an educated guess about what pitch is coming. You will definitely have strong confidence and have a decent idea of where the ball is coming. Therefore, above 400 batting average might because you should be reality. Greys conclusion: “It is clear that successful batting is nearly impossible in the stimulation in which pitch speed is random and which no auxiliary cues (pitcher’s arm motion or pitch count) are available to the batter” According to an article called “sports psychology coaching articles” the problem of being afraid of baseball is because something bad happened in the past that has linked hitting

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