The Survival of Nubian Cuisine

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The Survival of Nubian cuisine Introduction Nubians were the closest minority in Egypt for the Ancient Egyptian in the history in north of Africa; they have been centralized in Upper Egypt and north of Sudan for decades. According to cultural behavior and life style is attached to it with unbreakable bone. It is very interesting to investigate their inherited habits about their cuisine that remains so in mighty to reach our era. Nubian people are very economical house. All the family is cooperating to establish their food issue. Starting from baking various types of breads which`s attract tourist and new comers to taste their handmade food and their ability to use simple ingredients, ends with unexpected fabulous taste and creative results. The secret beyond their cuisine is the passion provided in cooking for others and on an occasion reveals their generosity for guests and warm hospitality. The marvelous theme about Nubian cuisine is, that you are eating a meal lived and survived for millions of years during the rapid changing of the era. However their food was related to the different seasons of the year. It remains typical, moreover the successful independence to adapt on their own planting without external sources. Furthermore their expendable caring about food hi-gene, plus every plat or meal is very healthy, energizing and easily full your stomach with a long period. The meal is not cooked only to stop the hunger of our human being nature. It`s educated to be fitter and curing from expected stomach diseases. Which`s rare to observe a Nubian person suffers from any sickness. Matter fact their age range settled, between 90-100/120 with an average power and healthy ability. Compared to the people`s were settled in city who`s average ages between 60-70. Nubian cuisine remains sustainable and united with the word of mouth easily transferred from

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