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The majority of judicial decisions are governed by trial courts and other courts which are lower than that which is the Supreme Court. It is estimated that very few cases are granted appeals at the Supreme Court level. This court may hear up to 5, 000 (Five-thousand), cases a year, but it is estimated that only 100 to 200 cases in that year are accepted by the court for appeals. Is it to be believed and understood that because United States citizens have the right to an appeal that our system of justice is most fair? The following will examine the United States Supreme Court, thus making the answer to that question apparent. Purpose The highest court in the United States of America has one purpose when it comes to judicial decisions. This court’s main function in the court system is to examine claims by either the original prosecutor or defense counsel in a case “that the law was improperly applied or that legal procedures were not correctly followed.” (Meyer, Grant, 2003.) This process is called an Appeal and is the right of every United State Citizen in accordance with Due Process. In this process it is the job of either party to convince the higher court that there is evidence of deliberate wrong-doing or that a mistake was made during the trial of the defendant in a lower, criminal court of law. Structure and personnel Federal courts are located in every state, thus possessing the availability to handle and decide various cases on a supreme level in that particular state. The structure of the Supreme Court is as follows: (1) The Court of Appeals shall be subject to the administrative policies and procedures as may be established by the Supreme Court, including docket control of the Court of Appeals cases. Whenever feasible, and subject to approval of the Supreme Court, the administrative structure of the Supreme Court shall also support the

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