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The Super Super Target It’s a typical Sunday afternoon of a breezy, beautiful fall day, and my sister Shalom and I leisurely head to the place that defines our simple Sundays. The Super Target’s parking lot is packed as usual, and my sister and I head in for what is sure to be a long, fun filled afternoon of shopping. The Super Target in Richardson has been in the area known as Richardson Square Mall for as long as I can remember. It’s located in a major shopping area, which features several fast food restaurants, like Sonic, Whataburger, Chick Fila, and Panda Express; as well as clothing stores Ross, Sears, and Burlington Coat Factory. There’s even a Lowe’s home improvement store and a Petco. But it is the Super Target that holds everything together. With its bright red letters and two main entrances the store is inviting to walk in to. When you step in you are greeted by the consistent sound of registers beeping and the delicious smell of popcorn and coffee wafting from the restaurant and Starbucks located in the front of the store. Everyone you see is smiling, looking happy and content as they leisurely stroll through the spacious, clean aisles randomly depositing items from shelves into their cart. The Super Target on Plano road in Richardson, Texas is a nice place to shop due to its nice, well arranged variety of merchandise, its impeccable cleanliness, and its employees who are always in a good mood. The Super Target is a store that offers a wide range of merchandise, from a DVD to detergent, and a coffee maker to a crib. The store’s merchandise is arranged section by section, with grocery items on one end and nonfood items on the other. The grocery department is arranged in a fresh, clean, non-cluttered way giving one a sense of relaxation and ease of finding items. The produce department features fresh produce that is displayed in a sensible way.

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