The Super Duck Essay

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Super Duck Once upon a time, a strange egg fell from the sky and landed near the duck pond. It happened to land right next to a mother duck sitting on her nest. She had been sitting for a long time, waiting for her eggs to hatch. She twitched as she felt it land and was curious to find out what it was. The mother duck stood up from her nest and waddled towards the mysterious object. She smelt it, pecked at it, sat on it and realized it was one of her kind. Using her beak she rolled it towards her nest and settled it right next to all of her own eggs and decided to adopt it. Finally the eggs began to crack, “Peep,peep,” said the newly hatched ducklings. “Quack, quack,” said their mother. One after the other they all burst out. All of them except the one that had fallen from the sky. The mother duck continued to sit and sit on it. Two days later she finally felt it begin to move. When the egg cracked , out tumbled a very energetic fit looking duckling. He was very muscular and jumped out as if he ruled the world. He looked a very confident creature. The mother duck was startled but she decides to keep, Cluck, as one of her own. This duckling was bigger than the others, uglier than the others and very intimidating to the others. He was not even the same color, he was red. The mother duck lined all of her ducklings in a row and instructed Cluck to take the back of the line. He complained because he wanted to be first and take the lead but the mother duck was not so convinced how her adoptive duckling would fit in with her family and did not want him taking the front seat just yet. Little by little Cluck quickly becomes an outcast. His bubbly personality is toned down and he begins to keep to himself. He realizes he does not look like his brothers, he is not treated like his brothers and begins to wonder who he really is. The mother duck slowly began to teach her

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