The Sun Also Rises, Comparing Themes

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First Writing Assignment The interesting American short stories that are Jack London’s “To build a fire”, it is about the man who travel with his dog in the freezing temperatures and danger part of the world. John Updike’s “A&P”, a young man who chose to defend the honor of an anonymous customer and stood up for what he thought was right. Both stories refer to naturalism of human. In this essay, comparing for theme these two stories have similar theme. Also, there are different points in the similar theme. “To build a fire” the story about a man is traveling on the Yukon Trail on a very cold day with a husky wolf-dog. He walks along a creek trail, mindful of the dangerous, hidden springs, because getting wet feet on such a cold day is dangerous. With wet legs, he becomes scared and builds a fire to dry his clothes. He starts the fire underneath a spruce tree, which is covered with snow, and keeps pulling twigs from its lower branches to feed the flames. He gathers twigs and grasses, and then tries to light a match with his frozen, numbed fingers. He starts the fire, but accidentally pokes it apart while trying to remove a piece of green moss. The man decides to kill the dog and to put his hands inside its warm body to restore his circulation. But due to the extreme cold, he cannot kill the dog. As night falls, the dog comes closer to him and smells death on the man For “A&P” Sammy, a teenage clerk in an A & P grocery is working the cash register when three young women about his age enter barefoot and clad only in swimsuits, to purchase herring snacks. Sammy allows the girls to continue shopping while he appraises them sexually. He imagines details about the girls based on their appearance alone and impressions. Sammy then leaves the store, seemingly in expectation of some display of affection or appreciation from the young women involved, only to find

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