The Sun Also Rises Essay

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Lady Brett Ashley was a character unlike any other in the book. However, she was also unlike any woman you’d imagine. Brett Ashley had a style to her that was her very own. She was much like one of the boys, and not to mention she was loved by all boys. Being the only significant woman in the book, she played an important role in the story. When describing Lady Brett Ashley many things might come to one’s mind. Brett is a strong, largely independent woman. She exerts great power over the men around her, as her beauty and charm seem to charm them all and capture their hearts. However, despite the fact that she has the ability to get practically any man near her presence, she refuses to commit to any one of them. This independence doesn’t make her happy however and she frequently complains to Jake, another fellow who’s head over heels in love with her, how unhappy she is with the whole subject and how she wishes to find someone she can settle down with. She claims that her life is aimless and not satisfying the least bit. Lady Brett seems to be confused when it comes to relationships and her love life. While she’d like to imagine herself with someone she won’t commit and still she can’t accept being alone. To her, she feels uncomfortable and awkward by herself. Her wandering from relationship to relationship in a sense resembles the wandering Jake and his buddies do from bar to bar. Each man she comes across falls in love with her to some degree and Brett realizes this and takes full advantage to it. She keeps men on the sideline breaking their hearts repeatedly yet still making sure they run back to her. She enjoys the attention indeed and I believe it begins to build her confidence level up to a new level. Yet she still could never gain happiness. Each man played a very important role in Brett’s life although she didn’t make any of them her major priority.

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