The Sun Also Rises Essay

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"Don't you know you're not wanted? I know when I'm not wanted. Why don't you know when you're not wanted?" Mike Campbell say to Robert Cohn In Hemingway's book "The Sun Also Rises." They are in a argument, sitting at the table at Montoya's hotel. While Mike is insulting Robert in front of the whole group, Bill decides to take Robert out to calm him down. After Robert leaves Mike continues to insult him even without him being there. Robert Cohn can be seen as the most "Lost" of "The lost generation" because he has low selfesteem, is an unwanted person in his group, and is constanly bored. A "Lost generation" is a group of people in our time that have forgot what has happened in the past. No meaning in life and also not having a purpose. Lost generation is not the generation that is lost in the sense that it is ruined and destroyed but the generation that is unable to find the way and which is in the quest of values. If we want to have a true understanding of the lost generation we look at Robert Cohn he is definitely portrayed as a man who has no place in his society. Unlike Jake, Brett, Mike, and Bill, however, Cohn does not fit in because he is not part of the "Lost Generation." Then we carefully look at the scene where Mike is insulting Robert at the dinner table in front of the whole group, we notice Mike is a little tight and he is not afriad to speak his mind. Mike has decided to speak for the whole group how Robert is not wanted and just needs to leave the group. Robert's behavior is not acceptable to the group. Mike is the type of person when is sober is quiet nice to around but once he starts drinking he says what is on his mind. I believe his actions to tell Robert the truth is good. Robert has been a problem to everyone since they set off from France to Spain. A problem that Robert has is his low self esteem.Robert does not have emotions such as

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