The Summoning of Everyman

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Analyzing the play "The Summoning Of Everyman" by an Unknown Author English 102: Literature and Composition Outline Of Essay Introduction: The play "The Summoning Of Everyman" by an unknown author presents the reader with an image of death sending a message from God to Everyman. The author portrays death as a messenger of God with an appointed task to hold Everyman to his accountable for his actions. Thesis Statement "The Summoning Of Everyman" discusses the actions and choices concerning the life and death of Everyman. He is confronted by death with a message for God to take pilgrimage that he cannot escape. Deaths warns Everyman to change his actions before the final judgment approaches. The author portrays the fear of death felt by Everyman and his journey to redemption. I. The appearance of death. 1. Why does death first appear? 2. The reason and objective of death. 3. How does everyman view death? II. Perception of death. 1. Death is inevitable. 2. Possessions cannot follow you into death. 3. Treatment of Death. III. Understanding life's lesson and perception. 1. Good Deeds. 2. Faith. 3. God's word. Conclusion: Death cannot be escaped and everyone will face judgment before God. The choices that are made on earth reflect on the character of all individuals and judgment will be made based on how one lived because "all unrighteousness is sin" (1 John 5:17). Everyman must face his fears and learn the meaning of completing good deeds before he stands before God. Do not fear the end but live your life fully and open your heart to the Lord. God will be there every step if you believe and faith in him. Death was summoned by God to send a message to Everyman and to bring humanity to judgment. Death is a topic that sparks fear in many

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