The Success of Charles Darwin Versus the Failure of Victor Frankenstein.

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The success of Charles Darwin versus the failure of Victor Frankenstein. Nowadays science had made a really huge revolution in peoples’ lives. There are new discoveries, experiments, and inventions almost every day. Our lives totally changed with the appearance of the science. Science makes our lives much more comfortable and relaxing and it seems like people have everything in their lives, but science never stops on developing. Science had made an enormous breakthrough in all spheres like medicine, education, transportation, etc. with the invention of different technologies and other comforts. We cannot stop on listing millions of advantages of science, however there is always a reverse side. Most of scientists want to become the first and prominent in their inventions because if they get succeed, their names would not be forgotten. Some of them achieve their goals and bring favor to humanity, but others fail on their ways and even can bring the harm to people, because everything has positive and negative sides, and science is not an exception. There are many prominent scientists who really helped people with their investigations and made a big progress in our generation. One of these scientists can be the Charles Darwin, the British scientist and naturalist, who propounded his theory of evolution and became famous by his writing “The Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection” because it was based on indisputable proofs. Charles Darwin helped science to make a new approach in the doctrine of the origin of mankind, therefore his name gained a worldwide acceptance and fame and he received a number of awards for it. His ideas were based on his own experiences because during his life he was an observer. He had always observed the natural processes and started to pay attention to the origin and life of different species and animals. In his writings he gave

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