The Study Of The Effectiveness Of Homes As a Paral Essay

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World Literature Assignment 1 The Study of the Effectiveness of Homes as a Parallel to the State of the Characters in Isabella Allende’s The House of the Spirits and Juan Rulfo’s Pedro Paramo By Sarosh Tamboli Candidate Number: 003351-082 Word Count: 1,278 International Baccalaureate Program T.R Robinson High School Tampa, Florida January 24, 2012 Homes in literature function as a symbol of safety and love; however, they possess another purpose, a parallel to the physical or non-physical traits, situations of a character, or location. In the two novels, The House of the Spirits, by Isabella Allende, and Pedro Paramo, by Juan Rulfo, the state of characters parallels the condition on the homes through the use of imagery, the setting in relation to characters attitude, and the degradation of homes. In the book, The House of the Spirits, Allende parallels the character’s state with the imagery of the homes. Esteban Trueba first steps on the property of Tres Marias, described as “something from a nightmare, full of rubble, with chicken wire, and garbage strewn across the floor.” (Allende 49). This happens after Rosa’s death when Esteban, who distraught emotionally and lost, decides to take on the responsibilities of Tres Marias. The imagery the emulates the position of Esteban; words like “rubble” and “strewn across the floor” creates a sense of disorganization and a need to renew or repair itself, similar to what Esteban does to himself. Esteban’s rejuvenation juxtaposes the beginning when sorrows fill his life after Rosa’s death, and his mother’s illness to the present, when through some work “Eteban Trueba became the most respected patron in the region.” (Allende 62). Tres Marias returns to its aesthetic appearance, paralleling the rise in power and status that Esteban experiences, as well as a new look that foreshadows his dominance in the area.

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