The Student's Tale Essay

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December 3rd 2011 Jenny Chung The Student’s Tale Blk: 1-1/ 2-1 I woke up by the sound of my mother cooking breakfast and heard the church bell ring. I assumed that it was six o’clock in the morning. I headed down to the kitchen and surprisingly, saw unusual food being made – pork, fish, and pottage. Wondering why, I sit down on a stool in front of the wooden table, looking ready to eat. The last time I saw a table filled with food was two years ago; I didn’t understand why my mother would prepare such delicious food on this typical day. “Mother,” I questioned, “Why do we have such different food today?” With no answer, my mother glanced at me as if I was a maniac. “Isabelle,” my mother replied softly. “Have you forgotten what you are going to do today?” “Well, I will probably be taking care of the cows, tending some crops. It will be similar to what I do every day.” “Isabelle!” My mother looked disappointed yet shocked. “You are finally going to go work at a lord’s house, remember?” As I remembered about my new job, I grinned happily. “Oh mother! I remember now! But is all this food for me? Thank you so much, mother!” “Yes, of course. Do not ever forget to keep your manners. Be safe and please the lord as much as you can. Isabelle, promise me you will do as I taught you. “I promise.” I turned around, hoping my mother would stop being emotional. My mother is like a broken faucet; once she starts crying, she never stops. As I walked away from my mother, I saw my father, with bags under his eyes that looked like purple bruises. “Good morning, Father!” I greeted cheerfully. “My whole body aches from all the work I did yesterday and I’m not even close to being done! And thanks to your noisy conversation with your mother, I had no choice to wake up!” My father barked. “Do not

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