The Struggle for Same-Sex Marriage Essay

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The Struggle for Same-Sex Marriage Name: Institution: The Struggle for Same-Sex Marriage The 21st century society has witnessed a huge derailment from the social norms towards deviance by most members regardless of education, age, or ethnicity. Much of the deviance has been attributed to increases democratic space and need for recognition by members of the society as rebels. Worse still is the great feeling that members gain from engaging in activities termed by majority as illegal. The basis for generation of social norms has been laid on political and power struggles. However, whenever deviant groups rise to agitate for their rights in the streets or courts of law, a much bigger problem is seen to be on the offing. One of such deviant behaviors same sex marriages. This group has aggressively agitated for recognition through streets protests. This issue has generated a public discourse with both sides of the debate articulating the reasons for supporting or being against the issue. This issue saw the democrats in the United States publicly voice their support for the same sex marriages while the republicans are opposed to the issue. Glenn Norval has written an article on “Struggle for Same Sex Marriage”. This paper will present an analysis of this article by Glenn. This article by the Glenn, has presented the repercussion of allowing the proceeding of the same sex marriages. The provisions and social context of the 21st century are unique. These situations have seen an unprecedented distinction between sexual activities from the need of reproduction as it was previously held. The society has gradually evolved from when sexual relations were the preserve of the married to ad hoc sexual encounters even amongst the teens. This gradual deviance for the social norms has led to a large group in the modern society seeing marriage as not a
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