The Struggle Against Creon In Sophocles Antigone

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In Antigone, Sophocles writes about Antigone rebelling against Creon. Antigone must go against the law in order to do something she believes in. Knowing she will face the consequences, Antigone follows her heart and beliefs. In general, most people find it difficult to deny their feelings. But in my own like I've discovered how my independence in my feelings and beliefs helps me uncover more about myself and what I'm capable of. In Scene 5, Chorogus confronts Creon, who tells him to rescue Antigone, Creon states, “It is hard to deny the heart” (5.100). Creon, the stubborn king, wishes not to go against his own beliefs of what appears to be right. For example, I own a great tendency to follow what I think is right instead of depending…show more content…
94). Heart breaking, tears rolling, he states this after suffering through much pain after seeing both his son and wife dead. Many times I find it hard to hold the truth after miserable events happen. For example, when I was young I held the burden of knowing that my grandfather died. After that event in those early years of my life it continued to be hard for me to understand that there stands no chance of seeing him again . I get through the painful times by thinking of how thankful I remain. I consider that I own so much and this fact lessens my burden. By bearing the truth I find that it makes me stronger. Brave Antigone, strong and bold, shares the same values as I do in my life. That is staying firm in heart and staying true to myself. To follow my heart proves my capability, my faith, and my belief in myself. I resemble a tree, strong in roots but having the ability to sway with other ideas, like the wind bending the tree. Without this guiding principle, I waver to far in the wind and without strong healthy roots I snap like an inflexible heart. The story of Antigone taught me how independence shapes who I stand in the world and it makes me

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