The Struggle Essay

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Life has been interesting for me in terms of the various places I have lived and things I have experienced. Due to my father’s occupation, we moved several times. Of all the places I have lived, Pakistan stands out for me as being the most challenging and noteworthy place with many exciting occurrences that have helped shape my character. I entered a Montessori program at age 4 and by age 6 was in the equivalent to what is 3rd grade in America. My parents told me I would study Math and Science rigorously, and this behavior made them think of me as somewhat of a precocious child. Though that statement is nowhere near the truth, it has helped me work as hard as possible in order to keep up the image my parents thought of me. Also, I recall I had to walk to school every day. In the blistering heat of Pakistan, I recall my sweat-drenched shirt soaking papers I would have to turn in as I reached my class. It was a very taxing time. At age 6, I was expected to walk to school, complete assignments that typically 8-9 year olds would be expected to do and to top it off, there was seldom electricity at night so I would have to finish all my work as soon as possible, or risk having candle wax drop on my work. I took the notion of walking to school 5 days per week as my time to myself. I do not remember much from those walks to school, though one memory I do recall is this one typical sizzling day, I reached atop a hill. I was flung to the side of the dirt road as a large colorful truck with passengers hanging off the sides and some sitting atop luggage on the roof, drove wildly by me. It never occurred to me before, but, people commuted dangerously on colorful trucks. The idea of safety and seat belts was nowhere to be found. With mud on my cheeks and a mixture of mud and sweat soaking my clothes, I made it to class. To my astonishment, the assignment that

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