the strengh of my rebellion

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In her essay “The Strength of My Rebellion” Gloria Anzaldua writes about her struggles to break free from her cultural constraints, “I tried constantly to mobilize my soul under my own regime, to live life on my own terms no matter how unsuitable to others they were”. As I deconstruct this sentence, I believe Anzaldua truly has a lot to say about the strength of knowing who you really are and what you want to be in your life time. As I understand it, she feels trapped with constraints unable to be freed from the set standard in her culture. I believe that she felt like they had chains on her since she was a child and her constant struggle to make her own choices in life was viewed as unsuitable to her culture. In my opinion, Anzaldua is an incredible woman because she fought for her individualism, her freedom. Cultural constraints set by tradition where a pair of hand cuffs for her soul and she broke free from them. Anzaldua, set a standard for her life, she did not let anyone set limitations on her life not even those that where self imposed. She was also very brave, although she was an outcast a rebel she was free to make her own choices and live with her mistakes. Domination of any kind was a barrio that she had broken down and that was not a struggle anymore. Reading “The Strength of MY Rebellion” has left behind an image of self-determination and braking free to become who you want instead of a standard set by cultural, society and even yourself. Many women and men are dominated by tradition; they have no voices no individual existence, breaking free is not an option since they don’t even understand how to be independent or what it feels like to be free. I remember, my mom telling me stories about my own culture, and how the man of the house was in total control of everyone in his quarters. Daily, men were sent to the farm and the

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