The Strangers That Came to Town Essay

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Andy and his brother Tom kill 61 of the Duvitches fish This is Andy, he is the narrator. Story is set during the 1900s in America Syringa Street Starts as dark gloomy Syringa Street beautiful nature engulfed Syringa Street wealthy and beautiful neighbourhood New to America Not very wealthy Very quiet Critical Point Misunderstood soap Andy throws soap into a bucket of 61 fish caught by the Duvitches Andy and tom are forced to return all 61 fish after they get caught by their father Andy and Tom return the fish, and invite the Duvitches to dinner. Not only do Andy and Tom realise that the Duvitches are actually really nice, but the whole community starts to accept them. The SketchNote assignment really helped me visualize the story in a more simplistic way but still gave me that great depth of detail. For example while drawing the characters, instead of using lots of words to describe how they look I could easily just draw blues eyes, pale skin etc… This made the story easier to read because I had a visual of what I thought they looked like already drawn. I am most definitely a visual/hands on type of learner and have difficulty doing nothing all day but reading text books so it also was very fun as I was both being creative but also productive. I did struggle quite a bit with the actual drawings as I am a terrible drawer, but with the help of my computer and a few pieces of software this was easily fixed. It was very time consuming so i decided to record the whole process and after rewatching it at x16 speed it’s almost like an animated version of the story which i thought was pretty cool. I like sketchnotes and would recommend doing them again. Hello, just read your latest post and it made me smile. I really like how you connect with us on our level unlike some other teachers who are a little old fashion. The pictures really

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