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Analysis of the movie strangers The main idea in the movie, and hence this analysis, is the horror associated with having strangers intrude into your privacy especially when in an isolated environment. Morality of the movie is the key thing in this analysis as it helps in understanding why people are scared of some scenes. The ideas in this movie were inspired by the real childhood experiences of the writer Bryan Bertino, who was brought up in an environment where house breakage was rampant (Bertino 100). Kristen and James return home, an isolated house, from a wedding reception feeling upbeat and James proposes to her but strangely she turns down his proposal. At the same time, a stranger, blonde woman appears to look for Tamara. Both the woman and the person she was seeking were strangers to the couple. This introduces the theme title of the movie which is later followed by encounters with strangers and strange occurrences (Bertino 100). The return of the blonde woman for a second and third time creates a creepy feeling making the viewer wonder what the lady is up to. It builds on the theme since the viewer start to connect the scene with real life experience. It is terrifying to have a stranger come knocking at your door even after you had already responded to their concern. It is even scary to have the strangers return in a mask and stand at the backyard staring at your house. At this point, Kristen is so horrified and makes frantic efforts to call for help. It is fear of not being in control of what happens in your surrounding that creates fear When James returns from the shop and finds his girlfriend terrified he dismisses the possibility of strangers being in the house, but soon he succumbs to the fear created by the loud banging of the door and the woman standing at their back yard. The events that follow frighten James and Kristen and

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