The Stranger Justice

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Britnee Ferre The Stranger Rewrite What is the importance of having laws and rules in the society? Without them, would there be peace in the world? Well, law is a key to achieve peace and success in the world. Enforcing law through justice is the use of authority and power to maintain what is right. In the novel THE STRANGER, justice played an important role in the main character's life. Meursault, the main character, lost his life due to his ignorance to justice and his indifference to life. Meursault wasn't advised or warned by anyone about these weird acts and that he had to change. Although Meursault had a "flow" against society, he was free to do whatever he wanted until he committed his crime. Without premeditating, he murdered an Arab by firing five times on him. Meursault is then taken into custody and waits his trial and sentence. He is forced to speak to a Priest who Meursault refuses to do say much to him. The priest then declares him anti-Christ and those were the end of his visits. Meursault then is taken into court and given a trial where his lawyer does next to nothing to defend him, is an injustice itself. Yet Meursault does nothing about it to stand up for himself. After only a few days of trial, the jury in The Stranger declares that the main character, Meursault, is to be executed by guillotine in the town square. The trial and its verdict are one of the important parts of the novel, as Albert Camus uses them as a metaphor to summarize the two main tenets of absurdism. Camus uses the trial and persecution of Meursault to express his belief that the justice system is flawed because of his absurdist ideals that truth does not exist, and human life is precious. In order to reform the justice system, Albert Camus believes that capital punishment needs to be abolished. The trial portrays the absurdist ideal that absolute truth does not exist. This

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