The Stranger Essay

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To truly judge a man one must not pay attention to his outer appearance or any other such superficial characteristics but rather the merit of their character and their moral values. These moral values are the foundation of people’s lives. People’s actions and choices in life are directly influenced by the morals which they have and how highly they value their morals. Readers of the book The Stranger by Albert Camus could argue that the main character, Meursault, is immoral but I look at him as a man with the same amount of morals as everyone else but rather he values his morals differently than most people. Just like with any other person I can find similarities and differences with Meursault. While I am similar to him in the way that we both highly value honesty, we when it pertains to respect and compassion because while I value them highly he does not, and at times lacks the two. Honesty is one of the highest valued traits in society. It helps foster and improve relationships between people. In addition to that it also helps create a mutual trust between people who know that one another are honest. Meursault and I are similar in the way that we both put a high value on being honest. Honesty influences both of our actions. In respect to myself it influences my actions in the way that no matter what situation I may be in Ialways try to be the most truthful that I can be. An example of one such instance is when I was asked by my parents how my ACT went. I truthfully told them that I had not been able to finish one of the portions of the tests. While I knew that they would be angered by what had happened I felt that being honest with them from the beginning would be a much better thing to do than rather have them finding out when my scores came in and having to explain to them why I had done so poorly and why I had lied to them when they had asked. For

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