The Strange Career Of Jim Crow Summary

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Miller Lane Hist2020 Fordham Spring 2012 Term Paper The most accurate book on the history of Jim Crow Laws is “The Strange Career of Jim Crow” written by C. Vann Woodward. This book shaped the history of the southern states. This book was published one year after the Supreme Court ruled for all schools to desegregate due to the case of Brown vs Board of Education. When someone reads this book they need to know the historical context in which the book was being written. They would also need to know what historical evidence the author was using to write this book, and if it was accurate. The Supreme Court ruling that separated the whites and blacks would also be an interest of the reader while indulging in this book. “The Strange Career of Jim Crow” can and will answer all of these questions and statements. The reader may wonder what the time period was like during the time this book was written. Historical context is all the events that occurred before, during, and after this book had been written. The most important event that happened before this book was the northern states withdrawing from southern affairs. The…show more content…
It was thought of as a historical bible mostly because it provides a clear and accurate analysis of the history of the Jim Crow laws. When understanding these laws one would see that these laws provide evidence that segregation in the South dated back to only the 1890s. Woodward does a fine job of showing that there was slavery but the races as a whole were not separated from one another as they were under the Jim Crow laws. The book goes on to say that during Reconstruction, there was economic and political merging of the races. (Vann Woodward, 14) With the support of such an important figure in history as Martin Luther King Jr, the reader can only assume how powerful and true Vann Woodward’s words
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