The Story of Rosa Parks

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Rosa Parks: Mother of Civil Rights Have you ever wanted to make a change in the world, or maybe even stand up for what you believe in? Well, on December 1 of 1955 a seamstress in Montgomery, Alabama made an impact on today’s society. Her name was Rosa Louise McCauley Parks. Rosa was born on February 4 of 1913 to her parents, James McCauley who was a carpenter, and her mother, Leona McCauley, whom was a teacher. She also had a younger brother named, Sylvester McCauley. (Rosa Parks Bus, At the age of two Rosa, along with her mother, and younger brother moved to her grandparent’s farm in Pine Level, Alabama. (Rosa Parks Bus, At the age of eleven she enrolled in the Montgomery Industrial School for girls. This school was considered to be a private school for the young African American females. In order for her to get to school she had to walk. (Rosa Parks Bus, This was because the elementary schools bus system would not pick up the little black children, because they were not to be with the whites on the bus. As Rosa began to get older, she was then experiencing types of racism and segregation between the whites and the blacks. (Rosa Parks Bus, Due to her mother and grandmothers illness Rosa was needed at home, so she had to drop out of school. When Rosa was nine-teen she met Mr. Raymond Parks, who later became her husband in 1932. (Rosa Parks Bus, Rosa was a seamstress for a department store in Montgomery, Alabama. She was a very hard worker, and also dedicated to her job. After work, she would always take the bus home. Like any other ordinary day, she got onto the bus and sat near the middle, just behind the ten seats reserved for the whites. The seats on the bus began to fill up quickly. Not long after being on the bus, the driver, who was for segregation, asked Parks

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